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by Christine Headley on 23 May, 2010

A week after the General Election, we found we had Liberal Democrats in government! As well as Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister), Danny Alexander (Scotland), Vince Cable (Business), Chris Huhne (Climate Change/Energy) and David Laws (no. 2 in the Treasury) in the Cabinet,  there are appointment in six other departments – including Andrew Stunell, Liberal Democrat local government veteran, at the Department for Communities and Local Government – and Deputy Leader of the House of Commons.

However, the deal only applies to central government, not the parties in Europe – where we are part of ALDR and the Conservatives are still in the grouping Nick Clegg called ‘nutters – or at local level.The local LibDem Focus Team reserves the right to disagree with Conservatives at any time!

The Liberal Democrats are not going to lose their identity – as someone said at the Special LibDem Conference last Sunday, ‘it’s a fruit salad, not a smoothie’.

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