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Starting pistol fired

by Christine Headley on 17 December, 2010

Today I handed in the signatures required to begin the process for by-elections in the Stroud District Council Amberley and Woodchester Ward, and the Gloucestershire County Council Rodborough Division. Both are caused by the death of the sitting councillor at the end of October. Amberley and Woodchester makes up a quarter of the division and Rodborough ward (which I already represent) half. The other quarter is the parish of Kings Stanley, which is just over half of The Stanleys ward.

The Conservatives and Labour have made their candidates known. I am standing for the County and Adrian Walker-Smith for the District. Adrian and I are married and Adrian was candidate in the ward in 2008. I fought the County in 2009 and was within 140 of winning, Labour and the Greens trailing well behind.

It’s looking pretty good at the moment, all thingsĀ  considered, but there are many thousands of leaflets to shift and much canvassing to do before polling day (whenever that turns out to be).

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