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Amberley speed limit petition

by Christine Headley on 6 September, 2009

Yesterday I was out with the petition for the speed limit in Amberley to be reduced to 20 mph. The limit is currently 40 mph, because that is the speed limit on the Common (to preserve the cows!) and apparently the National Trust won’t let it be reduced in the built-up area. Residents have been […]

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More on disposal of food waste

by Christine Headley on 1 April, 2009

  Yesterday I had an interesting meeting with the council officer responsible for waste collection, and have also been enquiring what neighbouring districts are doing. The answer to the second is ‘disposing of food waste mixed with garden waste, and charging for the garden waste’. ODD FACT – The In Vessel Composter (IVC) at Sharpness […]

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Stanleys’ Food Waste Composting Must Continue

by Christine Headley on 29 March, 2009

Cllr Christine Headley joins Stanleys’ residents’ frustration at the abrupt end of the Stanleys Waste Trial, which has been operating since 24 October 2007 and involves weekly collection of dry recyclables and food waste, fortnightly collection of residual waste to landfill, and a subsidised composter offered to every household. The main problem is the loss […]

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Street lights in Woodchester

by Christine Headley on 25 March, 2009

It is a strange coincidence that, having taken up the issue of a non-functioning streetlight, two in the same area turn out to be in overdrive. A few weeks ago, I was alerted to the streetlight by the Woodchester War Memorial, which hasn’t worked for two years. I contacted the county council and was told  […]

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Sainsbury’s planning application

by Christine Headley on 18 March, 2009

I’m rather enthusiastic about Sainsbury’s new planning application in Dudbridge. I’m less than wild about the extension itself, but it’s nice that they have given thought to where to put the old arches, complete with clothiers’ marks and dating from 1646. The proposal for hydroelectric power, courtesy of the Nailsworth Stream, is really exciting. Their […]

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Criminal damage on the cycle track

by Christine Headley on 11 March, 2009

I was horrified to hear that a tree had been cut down on the bank by the cycle track that links Stroud with Nailsworth and Stonehouse. The wood and leaf buds are clearly healthy, which bears out the report that the damage was done by a resident whose garden it overshadowed. The cycle track is […]

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Transition Towns

by Christine Headley on 9 May, 2008

“Tackling Peak Oil and Climate Change, together” Yesterday evening I attended a Transition Town meeting in Stroud. I’ve not been aware of particular Liberal Democrat interest in the Transition Town initiative, but it is definitely something we should be involved in. The idea originated with Rob Hopkins; there is more information at <> – yes, […]

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