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Mobile libraries for the chop!

by Christine Headley on 20 December, 2010

Gloucestershire County Council proposes to cut all its mobile libraries. In the Rodborough county division, Amberley receives one visit a fortnight (a quarter of an hour at the War Memorial), in North Woodchester it stops in two places for twenty minutes each, and Kings Stanley is on two rounds, so receives weekly visits adding up […]

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The future of the King’s Head pub at King’s Stanley

by Christine Headley on 19 June, 2010

We had a good public meeting yesterday at Kings Stanley Village Hall on the question of the future of the Kings Head pub just the other side of the road. During the general election campaign, it was pointed out to me that the pub had recently closed. After the election, and fearing a planning application […]

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Sainsbury’s planning application

by Christine Headley on 18 March, 2009

I’m rather enthusiastic about Sainsbury’s new planning application in Dudbridge. I’m less than wild about the extension itself, but it’s nice that they have given thought to where to put the old arches, complete with clothiers’ marks and dating from 1646. The proposal for hydroelectric power, courtesy of the Nailsworth Stream, is really exciting. Their […]

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