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GCC reviews subsidised bus services

by Christine Headley on 19 May, 2011

Gloucestershire County Council is conducting a review of subsidised bus services to save £ 2m of the £ 5m they are currently spending. Stroud information can be found here. Services 8A and 36 to Bowl Hill are among those affected. There will also be an information evening on Thursday 26 May at the Sub Rooms […]

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Amberley speed limit petition

by Christine Headley on 6 September, 2009

Yesterday I was out with the petition for the speed limit in Amberley to be reduced to 20 mph. The limit is currently 40 mph, because that is the speed limit on the Common (to preserve the cows!) and apparently the National Trust won’t let it be reduced in the built-up area. Residents have been […]

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Reinvigorate Gloucestershire (4) Transport

by Christine Headley on 20 April, 2009

What will Gloucestershire LibDems do for the county’s transport needs? * tackle the £130m backlog of roads maintenance backlog A Liberal Democrat council will set out a clear plan for quality road repairs around the county. * enough salt to keep our roads safe and open in winter No more begging from other councils for […]

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Quiet Lanes

by Christine Headley on 27 February, 2008

Another thing about the road I live on is that it would be ideal for a Quiet Lane. However, Gloucestershire County Council are set against the formalities of Quiet Lanes, as they reckon the costs of consultation, etc aren’t balanced by the good done by the road’s new status. It would be interesting to know […]

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