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Where should new homes go?

by Christine Headley on 10 February, 2010

Stroud District Council are starting a consultation on the broad management of where roughly 2000 homes should be built after 2016. The aim is to create sustainable communities, with homes and jobs not too far away from each other. This is the beginning of the new Core Strategy process, which will eventually culminate in a […]

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Vince Cable

by Christine Headley on 11 October, 2009

Last night I went to the Cheltenham Literature Festival to hear Vince Cable speak. I had expected the talk to be about his book on the credit crunch, “The Storm” , but it turned out to be more about his memoir, “Free Radical”, to be published on 1 November. This sounds like a must-read. He […]

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Amberley speed limit petition

by Christine Headley on 6 September, 2009

Yesterday I was out with the petition for the speed limit in Amberley to be reduced to 20 mph. The limit is currently 40 mph, because that is the speed limit on the Common (to preserve the cows!) and apparently the National Trust won’t let it be reduced in the built-up area. Residents have been […]

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Trouble in SDC’s housing revenue account

by Christine Headley on 16 August, 2009

I return from holiday (having easily resisted the temptation to post to mycouncillor from various European internet cafes) to a 70-page report from Tribal and one of 16 pages from KPMG, both addressing the problems of Stroud District’s council housing. Some weeks ago, it was  discovered that the housing revenue account had been overspent by […]

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Rodborough division result

by Christine Headley on 7 June, 2009

Green  –  716 (21%) Conservative  – 1196 (35%) Christine Headley (Liberal Democrat)  1061 (31%) Labour  – 415 (12%) Turnout 47% While I would have preferred to win, this result is not in the least depressing and reflects the work I have put in over the last year. The next campaign starts now!

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Reinvigorate Gloucestershire (5) Buildings

by Christine Headley on 22 April, 2009

A further instalment  from Gloucestershire LibDems’ county council manifesto. * ensure school buildings and facilities are fit for purpose A Liberal Democrat run council will act to remove all temporary school buildings attached to schools, ensure ICT facilities are up to date, and support outdoor areas at school. We will work with government to fast […]

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Reinvigorate Gloucestershire (4) Transport

by Christine Headley on 20 April, 2009

What will Gloucestershire LibDems do for the county’s transport needs? * tackle the £130m backlog of roads maintenance backlog A Liberal Democrat council will set out a clear plan for quality road repairs around the county. * enough salt to keep our roads safe and open in winter No more begging from other councils for […]

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Reinvigorate Gloucestershire (3) Waste

by Christine Headley on 18 April, 2009

A crucial instalment from Gloucestershire LibDems’ manifesto for the June county council election. We will: * halt the building of the massive waste incinerator for the county A Liberal Democrat run council will halt the building of a massive waste incinerator in Gloucestershire.    We will plan for alternative environmentally friendly waste disposal options. * countywide […]

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Reinvigorate Gloucestershire (2) For Children

by Christine Headley on 16 April, 2009

More from Gloucestershire LibDems’ manifesto for the June county council election: * 20 mph safety zones around all schools We will commit to a countywide plan to deliver 20 mph safety zones and safer routes to school around all schools in the county over the next four years. * transport for young people A Liberal […]

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Reinvigorate Gloucestershire (1) Adult Social Care

by Christine Headley on 12 April, 2009

Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats have published their manifesto for the county council elections, featuring ‘six to fix’. Top of the list is to ‘end the poor one-star service and deliver first class personal care for the elderly and disabled. In more detail – * A Liberal Democrat run council will secure a high standard of care […]

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